15,000,000 words since 2000. Thank you for your support!!! Local Presence - Global Reach: With our office in Istanbul, we provide world class translation services to local/international clientèle from the USA, the UK, Europe, Turkey and the rest of the world. Reactivity:  We react instantly to your every request, before and throughout the course of your project. We’re used to managing tight deadlines. Take immediate quote on the left  Professionalism:  We are well established agency, and all of our translators are recognized professionals. Their mother tongue is Turkish and all located in Turkey. Quality Assured!!! Specialization:  Our translators are specialized in the field they are thoroughly familiar with. More often than that, translation is their second trade after years of practice as an engineer, a lawyer, a doctor, an IT consultant etc... CAT & DTP Tools:  Our main CAT Tool is SDL Trados. And we never translate the same sentence twice. If you use other CAT tools, please ask the list of CAT & DTP tools we use... Welcome to the center of 24/7 Translation services...   Confidentiality:  Each job is covered by a strict confidentiality clause. Please do not hesitate to send your NDA beforehand. Security:  Your information is well protected. All files transmitted are recorded in several copies on disks which are in turn backed-up on a daily basis. Seasoned! Tailored! Applied!                        Translation Article - Prepare yourself for better results When you design a document for print, you consider many details that work together to form the overall look of the end product. One thing you probably don’t look at is the hidden text: all the spaces, line breaks, and paragraph marks that live behind the scenes. The first thing we do when we get your brochure for translation is to flip the switch that shows that hidden text. The finished product of your brochure is our starting place, so we spend time before translation making sure the translated text will behave the way your English text does. We call this “optimizing” the file. It doesn’t look different on the surface, but tweaks made to the file ensure that the translation process is more effective and efficient. A word about modern translation software The work of translation is done in software known as CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools. The software separates the text from its formatting, so we translate the information without touching the formatting. Once the text is translated, the software adds the formatting information to the translation and puts it back into the original document. In an optimized file, the translated text requires only tweaking to make the new text fit correctly and neatly. How can this help you? If you design a file with translation in mind, the optimizing is minimal and translation can get underway immediately. This lowers your costs and makes a quick turnaround possible. In the worst case scenario, something that looks beautiful in the original can be so time-consuming to prepare for translation that costs and turnaround time become unacceptable. Here are a few things to consider when designing your brochure for translation. Many of these are things all good designers already know. Some of those good habits save money in addition to creating a beautiful product. Expansion When you translate something, it usually gets longer. This fact is hard to avoid. We must translate the text as it is written. We cannot edit for length the way you might in English. We can decrease the space used by text by several methods (reducing text size, paragraph leading, or text tracking), but the results can be less pleasing the more methods we have to use to fit the text. For the best result, leave room for expansion. If text must remain on a certain page, make sure there is plenty of white space surrounding it. Flowing text If your text does not need to stay on a certain page, make sure you have your text flowing anywhere it can flow. Connecting text boxes whenever text can flow makes it much easier to figure out where text can expand and where it must stay on a certain page.   For a free quote or cost estimate, to discuss a project or need, or to learn more about us, please talk to us now:   Fast Quote If you have a document to be translated, you can take a fast quote from TALK NOW on the upper-left panel or please send email to info@turkland-translations.com or call us at 0090 532 4761658. One of our project managers will contact you in just 30 minutes with more details. WE ARE ON TWITTER With our around-the-clock updates, you can find out the latest  jobs on our twitter add-in. Please refer to our twitter updates on the left. We will be glad to see you in our proud list of references.                                   Turkland Translations, Istanbul. All Rights Reserved. Email: info@turkland-translations.com Tel: 0090 532 4761658